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Have you ever thought about how faithful your garage door has been in its service to you? Think about it. Your appliance has likely always been there for you, functioning as it should without expecting anything in return. Every time you want to exit and enter your garage, you feel confident that you can click a button and have your appliance move up and down. Garage doors are a wonderful convenience, and they do so much for their owners. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not give their appliances the attention they need and deserve. Does that sound like you? Have you failed to be as faithful to your garage door as it has been to you? If so, it is time to take garage door maintenance more seriously. Learn everything you need to know about garage door maintenance in our blog! 

Why Is Garage Door Maintenance Important? 

Before we dive into how to perform garage door maintenance, we want to take the time to answer some questions you may have. You are less likely to want to learn how to care for your door unless you have a better understanding of this task’s importance. So let’s talk about why you should maintain your garage door. 

The main reason that garage door maintenance is important is safety. Garage doors are excellent features for any home. But if they are not cared for, they can become safety hazards. Your garage door likely weighs hundreds of pounds. Thus, it is capable of causing damage and injury if it malfunctions. Imagine that you neglect your garage door, and part of the opening system as well as your safety features fail. If your child, pet, or spouse happened to be nearby, they could experience serious harm if the door fell off its track or closed with them in the way. 

Garage door maintenance is also important to extend the longevity of your appliance. You can’t expect your door to last if you never care for it. Neglect will significantly reduce the lifespan of your garage door, which can lead to costly replacements and repairs. 

Do You Need a Professional’s Help With Garage Door Maintenance? 

Now that you know the importance of garage door maintenance, another question may have popped into your head. Are you curious whether you need a professional’s assistance to care for your appliance? The answer is yes. You should always have a professional come out and inspect your garage door annually. This ensures that if you missed any hidden problems they will not grow into larger issues. Only an expert with many years of experience is trained to recognize every possible problem with this type of appliance. 

That being said, you don’t always need a professional. There are many garage door maintenance tasks you can perform on your own every few months to keep things running smoothly. Keep reading to learn about DIY garage door maintenance tasks! 

A garage door in need of garage door maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Tasks You Can Perform

Are you prepared to learn how to care for your appliance? That is wonderful news. Here are four maintenance tasks to perform every few months: 

1. Cleaning 

Believe it or not, your garage door needs to be cleaned once in a while, especially if it is made of metal. This provides mold, mildew, rust, and other nasty substances from building up on your appliance. Cleaning your garage door is easy. Fill up a bucket with warm, soapy water and grab a soft sponge. Then you can wipe your door down, spray it clean with the hose, and call it a day! 

2. Lubricating Parts 

The moving parts on your garage door, specifically the rollers, need regular lubrication to move smoothly. Apply a little multipurpose lubricant every few months on the springs and rollers, and you’ll find that your appliance runs better. This is a simple, easy way to care for your door, so don’t neglect it! 

3. Looking Over Things

Sometimes, you can tell something is wrong with your garage door just by looking at it. Perhaps your tracks look like they are pulling away from the wall. Or maybe you can see fraying on your cables. Or your rollers could be chipped. If you see anything wrong with your garage door, then you can either perform repairs yourself or contact a professional. 

4. Listening For Warning Signs 

Your eyes aren’t the only thing that can tell when something is off with your garage door. Your ears also can play a role. Move your garage door up and down once in a while and listen. Are you hearing strange noises? Are their new shrieking, squeaking, whining, or grinding sounds? That could mean that a part of your garage door is failing, making it necessary to contact a professional for help. 

We Are Here to Help With Garage Door Maintenance! 

Garage door maintenance is important, and we hope we have been able to emphasize that in our blog. No appliance can last long without proper care, so don’t neglect your garage door any longer! If you need help with maintenance or repairs, our team is here for you. Contact ASAP Garage Door today for more information!