Garage Door Cable Repair

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Garage Door Cable Repair services in San Antonio

Safe and Efficient Garage Door Cable Repair Services in San Antonio

Garage door cables are the steadying support of heavy garage doors. They are crucial to the overall functionality of a garage system. It is dangerous to replace or repair garage door cables on your own since these are high-tension cables that can snap and cause severe, if not fatal, injuries. The most common garage door cable issues are fraying and rusting garage door cables which cause excessive strain. If these problems go undetected or unaddressed, garage door cables may snap or come off the garage door drum.

You must consider professional garage door cable repair services for your fraying or worn garage door cables for safety purposes. Garage door repair experts from ASAP Garage Doors can diagnose the issue with your garage door quickly and provide feasible and affordable solutions to you. With our excellent customer service, our professionals will get the job done on time and have your garage door operating safely and correctly in no time. If you do not get your garage door repaired as soon as possible, an excessive strain may cause your garage door to malfunction and cause extra stress on your garage door opener.

Garage door cables are made of metal and are designed to withhold and lift heavy garage doors. Like all garage door components, garage door cables can suffer from wear and tear and can get frayed as time passes on. If you want to avoid any costly garage door cable replacement, you should regularly maintain your garage door cables.

Common Garage Door Cable Problems

Garage door cables are always under high tension. Therefore, it is always advisable to get professional repairs and replacements for your garage door cables. A few common garage door cable problems are:

Busted Torsion Spring

If the torsion spring for your garage door has been damaged or snapped, the garage door cables will lose their tension and become loose immediately. This issue is likely to arise when you are opening your garage door. It is always advisable to opt for a garage door with two torsion springs instead of one since even if one spring malfunctions, the other spring can hold the door in place until repairs can begin.

Unfitting Drums and Cables

Bigger garage doors require the installation of longer cables with larger drums to accommodate their full length. Smaller cables used with larger doors can cause extra strain and quicker fraying of the cables. Therefore, it is crucial to have a reliable professional install your house’s garage door so that the drums and cables in use are compatible with your garage door.

Accidental Damage

If your garage door has hit an obstruction while closing, it may cause damage to the lower section of your garage door panel and can cause cables from a single side to become damaged.

Incorrect Installation

If an inexperienced installation worker installed your garage door, improperly installed garage door springs or garage door cables may cause the cables to get off the drum or unwind from it, all according to the tension in the cables.

Why Choose Garage Door Cable Repair from ASAP Garage Doors?

It is high time you contact a reliable garage door repair company for speedy and efficient services if your residential or commercial garage door has been facing garage door cable problems. Whether you’re dealing with incorrect installation or busted torsion springs, our professionals are highly trained in utilizing the appropriate tools to fix your garage door cables in no time. Our pricing is competitive and transparent which means you will not be paying for any phantom repairs.

With excellent customer service our topmost priority, ASAP Garage Door professionals will get to your site as soon as possible after your call for help. After conducting a full analysis of your garage door problems, our professionals will determine if the issue lies with your garage door cables or not. They will offer a complimentary quote for the repairs needed for your garage door’s safe and smooth operations. After your approval, our garage door experts will utilize industrial equipment to fix and make repairs to your garage door, adopting the safest practices possible.

If you are looking for dependable garage door cable repair services at an affordable price, call ASAP Garage Doors today at (210) 851-9887 for the most professional garage door repair services in San Antonio!