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By installing an all-new garage door on your residential or commercial property, you can upgrade your garage’s functionality, make it more convenient to use, and increase the curb appeal of your property to achieve a modern look.

At ASAP Garage Doors, we can make all that happen by offering you the quickest and most efficient garage door installation services. We are the most preferred garage door services company by San Antonio residents. We can assist you with garage door installations, repairs, replacements, garage door opener repairs, and all things related to garage doors.

All the materials and garage doors that we use are sourced from the top-rated, trusted, and dependable brands for garage doors and door openers. Our garage door installation services are carried out by the most qualified, trained, and experienced technicians who use their skills and smart tools to ensure quick and effective services.

Why Do I Need a New Garage Door?

You may find yourself asking why you need to install a new garage door when you already have one. Well, there are various reasons why you need a new garage door. For one, your garage door stops working optimally after 15 years of installation and will require frequent repairs.

So instead of spending a lot of money on costly repairs every now and then, you should rather invest in a new garage door that will not show any issues for at least the next 15 years.

Here are some reasons why you may need a new garage door:

The physical condition of your garage door has massively deteriorated.
Your garage door takes longer to open or close.
Your garage door is unbearablynoisy when it opens or closes.
Your garage door is off the track.
Your garage door faces frequent issues.
You are planning on selling your property.
You want to transform the exterior of your property.

If your garage door falls under any of these situations, call our garage door installation services.

Broken Garage Springs

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation Services

At ASAP Garage Doors, we stock the highest quality garage doors that not only have the best functionality and dependability but also look visually appealing. All of the materials we use are sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our garage doors are beautifully crafted from top quality and durable wood, steel, glass, and aluminum.

We stock both traditional and modern garage door designs, so they fit perfectly with the style of your house. All of our garage doors are tested against extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and other factors that affect garage doors. We guarantee durability and quality.

After selecting a garage door from our collection, we will have our trained technicians install them for you quickly and efficiently. We use smart and powerful tools and follow the industry best practices to ensure successful installation. Trust in our team to safely remove your existing garage doors and install the new ones promptly.

Here’s how our process goes:

We disassemble and safely get rid of your existing door and its parts.
We then install the new panels for your garage door.
Next, we securely install the rollers and tracks.
Lastly, we adjust all the springs and the cables to your new garage door.

Before we leave your property, we will test your new garage door in various ways to ensure that it is operating smoothly. If you want a garage door opener along with your new garage door, we will also offer garage door opener services. You can choose from a selection of garage door openers that will ensure the smooth functioning of your garage doors.

We have some of the most high-tech garage door openers that will make your life a lot easier, convenient, and safe.

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ASAP Garage Doors has long been one of the most preferred garage door service companies in your area. We are a professional residential and commercial garage door company operating in San Antonio. We offer all San Antonio residents incredibly reliable and exceptional Garage Door Installation services. 

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Reach out to us by calling (210) 851-9887 to bring the best garage door services straight to your doorstep. You can choose from our wide selection of modern and vintage garage doors and garage door openers. Once you select the one you want, we will install your new garage door the same day and make sure it is running smoothly, and that you are 100% satisfied before we leave your property.

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