Garage Door Painting

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Our Garage Door Painting services will help you beautify your home’s exterior

If you’ve ever repainted your property’s exterior, you might be aware of the benefits it provides for your home’s value and curb appeal. A little paint can go a long way, and it can significantly improve your property’s look and further beautify it. Additionally, it’s the most cost-efficient and time-friendly process of refreshing your garage door’s exterior. For this reason, most homeowners and commercial property owners prefer scheduling our garage door painting services instead of getting an entirely new garage door. So, whether you’ve recently moved into a new property or your old garage door’s paint is simply not working for you, our team of painters in several cities in Texas can help you!

Garage Door Painting

Picking a color for your garage door is the first job our garage door painters are tasked with; this will also help determine the overall garage door painting cost. Choosing a color may sound like a simple task, but there are many layers that go into it. For example, you have to evaluate the current exterior’s color theme, the surrounding landscape, and the color schemes in your neighborhood to pick a color that will be the most suitable for your property.

With our vast experience in garage door painting and know-how of the current trends and demands, we can help you choose a color that will enhance your property’s look in the best way possible. Typically, people go for a subdued color scheme for their garage door so as not to divert visitors’ or passerby’s attention from the overall property exterior. Here are some of the steps we take during the garage door painting services:

  • Evaluating the current garage door paint.
  • Discussing garage door painting ideas.
  • Gathering the tools and materials required.
  • Preparing the area pre-painting services.
  • Painting the panels and perimeter.
  • Painting the frame and trims.
  • Conducting final touch-ups.
  • A final walkthrough.

Painting Different Materials

Some of the most common garage door materials include wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Depending on which materials are installed, the color schemes and maintenance needs will vary significantly. For example, when dealing with a wooden door, our team of experts will use a finer grit of sandpaper to ensure that your wood doesn’t get damaged in the process of removing old paint. In contrast, repainting the steel garage door would mean also removing rust from it before the paint services to ensure that the new paint looks as good as it can. Let’s take a look at some painting tips depending on your specific garage door type:

Painting a Wooden Garage Door

As mentioned earlier, a wooden garage door requires the removal of bubbled/chipped paint, dust, and debris. After removing these, our team of garage door painters will use sandpaper to smoothen out rough edges. After sanding it down, we will wash the garage door to remove all excess particles and debris that may prevent your door from looking smooth. Once all these processes have been followed, our team will proceed with all the steps mentioned above.

Painting a Fiberglass Door

Unlike other materials, fiberglass does not require a primer or even a topcoat unless you’re using spray paint. However, your fiberglass garage door can’t be painted in too humid, hot, or cold weather. The humidity level should be below 60% and the temperature between 65-90 Fahrenheit for the paint to sit well, dry completely, and provide a fine finish. Other than that, all steps will be the same for the fiberglass garage door as the wooden garage door.

Painting a Steel Garage Door

As mentioned earlier, when you schedule our garage door painting services for a steel door, our team may need to remove rust before proceeding with the painting process. After removing the rust using a wire brush, our team of garage door painters will use heavy grit sandpaper to remove the remaining particles and then wash the door to rid it of any debris or oils. It is crucial to remember that your steel door will need two layers of primer for rust prevention, and the acrylic paint recommended for such garage door types typically takes 12 hours to dry completely.

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