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Everything comes with an expiration date, and your garage door isn't any different. Over the past years, your garage door may have withstood harsh weather conditions, wear & tear, and random malfunctions. If it has been between 8 and 15 years since you first installed the garage door, chances are that a simple repair might not fix the problems you’re facing. So to avoid higher repair costs and more significant troubles, you'll be better off scheduling a garage door replacement service. Fortunately, ASAP Garage Doors’ team of qualified garage door specialists can help you in several cities across Texas. So get in touch with our team now to discuss your specific needs and budget.

Garage Door Replacement vs. Repair: What Should You Get?

As we already mentioned, getting a garage door replaced is inevitable if it has lived almost a decade or above. Although this is the most significant factor that can influence your decision to install a new garage door, it is not the only factor to consider. So, what else should you keep in mind when booking our garage door replacement services? While that’s a good question to ask, its answer is not quite simple. Let us walk you through each factor that may play a role in deciding whether a repair would suffice or a completely new garage door installation will be a better option for you:

The Extent of the Damage

If the damage to your garage door is minor, such as a crack or chipped paint problem, such cosmetic issues can be quickly repaired through garage door repair services. However, a garage door replacement would be a better option if the door's structural integrity is compromised and it's not functioning as well as it should. Before jumping to conclusions, it’s best to contact a garage door specialist to thoroughly examine the issues and provide adequate solutions. For example, if your door is unable to open/close or only works when it wishes to work, there may be a problem with the springs or the battery. Such issues can only be spotted by a highly experienced and trained specialist.

Repair vs. Garage Door Replacement Costs

Budgetary restraint is one of the most significant factors for property owners. However, instead of evaluating short-term costs, it's best to consider estimated long-term costs of the current garage door system. While a garage door replacement may seem like a relatively premium-priced option, it will help you save big bucks in the future. Sometimes, an old, rusty garage door keeps presenting repair needs more frequently, and it makes more sense to replace than repair it. It’s best to speak to garage door specialists who can help you pick economical options for your new garage door installation to meet your needs and requirements.

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The Current Garage Door Is Simply Not Cutting It

Over the years, your property may have undergone several changes, or there might have been some adjustments in your surroundings. For example, a majority of your neighbors have upgraded their garage systems. In such circumstances, a garage door replacement may provide more benefits than you anticipated- especially if you’re looking to sell your property. A new garage door system can enhance your property’s overall look and feel, thus increasing its curb appeal and total market value. You can choose to go with an automatic garage door or switch its materials to suit the weather conditions in your area. ASAP Garage Doors can help you pick new, more suitable materials for your garage door and even install new security alarms and CCTV cameras.

How Can You Avoid Garage Door Replacements?

There are several ways for you to avoid garage door replacements. While you can’t control factors, such as lifespan and damages, you can implement certain measures to increase the garage door’s integrity and functionality for several years- if not decades. One of the easiest ways to avoid garage door replacement is through garage door maintenance services. You should schedule maintenance services with certified and trained garage door specialists at least once a year to ensure it functions smoothly in the long run. During the maintenance, we will tighten up all screws and perform necessary touch-ups as well.

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