Garage Door Springs

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garage door springs, their installation and repair

We use garage doors regularly but we forget to consider their different components. From belts to rollers, a lot of parts contribute to the smooth operation of every garage door. Garage door springs are one of the most vital elements that control their movement. Since they undergo wear and tear due to friction, springs can undergo damage quite often.

ASAP Garage Doors is a premier service provider that deals with the installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors. We also provide comprehensive solutions for parts of the door mechanism. These include springs, rollers, and remotes. Our technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to perform all kinds of replacement or installation activities.

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The Function of Garage Door Springs 

Garage door springs are vital for controlling the operation in most modern homes. They are conveniently placed to minimize the usage of space. Springs also enable garages to have a wide variety of doors like those that swing or roll open. The overhead design has been made possible with extension springs as they carry a significant amount of load and energy. This capacity can allow movement in both residential and commercial garage doors.

Types of Springs

There are two common types of garage door springs. Each of them has a different function and application. These two types are extension and torsion springs. Modern homes alternate between two types depending on which type of garage door is being installed. When installing, repairing, or maintaining these springs, it is crucial to know the pros, cons, and other elements which apply to your property as they can come in handy.

Extension Springs

Extension springs serve as mediums to transfer energy from one movement to another. When the door closes, the springs absorb most of the weight from the door and store it in the form of energy. As you pull the switch to open the door, this energy releases and the door swings up to reveal the entrance to your garage. Extension springs are more affordable than torsion springs, and therefore, manufacturers use them for various garage door types.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are common in modern garage doors these days. They are not found in single panel doors due to various reasons but, whether they are used or not depends on the cost. Torsion garage door springs are more durable than extension springs. Most garages today use 2 or more torsion springs so that seamless operation of the door can be ensured. If you want to have evenly working garage doors, torsion springs are the best choice.

Signs of Garage Door Spring Damage

There are several signs that the springs in your garage door may be damaged. If you hear strange sounds, you can tell that there is something wrong. Creaking or squeaking noises are factors that can show that you need garage door spring repair at the earliest. Uneven movement of the garage door, vibrations, or the door not completing its cycle can also indicate that it is time to call ASAP Garage Doors.

Elements That Can Damage Your Garage Door Springs

Many things can cause damage to springs in a garage door. Moisture and humidity due to rain or seepage can cause rust. Accidents or haphazard motion of the doors is also one of the reasons that can result in damage. Extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, or hail can also disturb your garage doors. Short circuit fires or heat can also cause the springs to deform and hinder the proper operations of the door.  

Having a Professional to Repair Springs

People frequently question whether they can repair garage door springs on their own or not. This process is not a regular recommendation because professional expertise is imperative in replacing or installing springs. If you have previous experience, you can do it yourself but, it is best to trust experts for these tasks. ASAP Garage Doors provide the best technicians in the business with the latest equipment to address all your problems properly.

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