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Garage Door Suppliers

Our teams of garage door suppliers have been helping customers across the state in installing the best quality garage door with the most durable materials- best for their usage and weather conditions. From choosing the garage door type to picking their elements, we will be there to guide you throughout the process. Additionally, our team of garage door specialists can also assist you during design selection to ensure that your new garage door enhances your property's beauty and market value. The following are a few things you can discuss with the garage door suppliers:

Which Type of Garage Door Should You Install?

Depending on your property type, the size of the garage, the overall property architecture & design, garage usage, and budget, there are several garage door types to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most common residential and commercial garage doors:

Classic doors
Carriage house doors
Contemporary doors
Sectional doors
Tilting doors
Rolling doors
Fully automatic doors
Commercial property owners can also choose to install high-speed, fire station, traffic, and loading dock doors to ensure their property is adequately secured and safe for all employees and visitors. However, the garage door type is also dependant on the garage door materials you use.

Which Garage Door Material Is Best?

The materials you choose for your garage door will significantly impact the garage door costs. There are some materials that are easier to work with and install, while others are complicated and have a relatively higher raw materials cost. We have experience with all garage door materials and here are their noteworthy attributes to keep in mind when speaking to a garage door supplier:

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Broken or Bent Garage Rails

Bent or broken garage rails can stop your garage door from closing or opening entirely. If you do not get it fixed ASAP, you never know when the garage door may come falling down on you, your family, or your property and cause serious damage or injury.
When you call out technicians, they will conduct a complete assessment of your garage rails to determine if they can be fixed. If not, they will require a track replacement that our team will take care of immediately.
You should never leave your broken garage doors be, because this can be quite dangerous. Call your nearest garage door repair services right away.

Why Choose ASAP Garage Door Repair Services?

At ASAP Garage Doors, we understand how overwhelming a faulty garage door can be, especially when you are worried about costly repairs. And that’s exactly why you will find our prices extremely competitive and transparent. You can expect prompt and high-quality garage door repair services at justified prices. You will also be surprised to see the focus we pay on customer care.

With our Sutherland Garage Door Installation, you can enjoy a more secured property
Garage door framing done by our contractors


Steel is one of the most budget-friendly materials in the market, and it's perfect for all climates. However, it can be easily dented, and most scratches can form rust if not taken care of promptly. As a property owner, steel may be a good option to consider as it requires low maintenance and it’s an economical yet durable option. There are several style options available for steel garage doors, but one should remember that, unlike wood, steel is not a natural insulator.


Wooden garage doors are the most expensive ones you’ll find in the market. However, they are highly preferred by property owners looking to enhance their property’s aesthetics. Although only suitable for mild weather, you can expect your wooden garage door to bring a higher ROI. Wood is a natural insulator and easy to design and carve, but it requires regular maintenance and may be difficult to install due to its weight.

residential garage door service


While aluminum costs more than steel, it is still relatively easier to maintain and install. One of the biggest pros of an aluminum garage door is that it’s resistant to corrosion and rust. However, it may present some privacy concerns, and it may not be fully waterproof. Although it's not as easy to maintain as steel, most homeowners prefer aluminum and glass garage doors due to their sophisticated and stylish design options. You can speak to our garage door suppliers to learn more about this material.


Fiberglass is best for warm, humid climates, such as that of San Antonio, Texas. It’s as budget-friendly as steel and provides several benefits, such as corrosion, warp, shrink, and water resistance. However, it can easily become brittle and form cracks. Even minor fiberglass damage would require property owners to replace the entire garage door.

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