Quick Garage Door Track Repair Services in San Antonio

Garage door tracks are used to guide the door while opening and closing. Garage door tracks also hold the garage door in place when it is fully closed or open. Garage door tracks can be vertical, horizontal, and even curved to suit the open or closed position of the garage door. If garage door tracks get misaligned or damaged, your garage door can start making a lot of noise and start to malfunction. Your garage door tracks must be repaired immediately since untended garage door track repair can cause serious and even fatal injuries. Garage door tracks are an essential part of the garage door's functionality so they should be regularly inspected for any signs of excessive wear and tear or damage.

Garage door tracks should always be repaired or replaced by a professional. These heavy-duty steel-designed tracks can be difficult to repair at home. Home repairs can prove potentially dangerous due to the components involved: heavy garage doors, high-tension cables, and springs. It is difficult for an amateur to determine if your garage door tracks need repairs or a complete replacement. An experienced professional can carry out garage door track repair in a timely and safe manner.

ASAP Garage Doors has experienced garage door repair specialists who can take care of any garage door track repair for residential and commercial garage doors in no time.

Common Garage Door Track Problems

From annoying noises to garage doors that open or close very slowly, our customers come to us with various problems. But don’t worry. Our team knows the causes behind all of them and will do exactly what’s needed to fix your garage doors. We specialize in all kinds of garage door repairs, including:

Gradual Wear-and-Tear

Wear-and-tear is not uncommon for garage door tracks as the garage doors offer support to open and close a garage door thousands of times in a year. Normal wear-and-tear can cause a garage door to get misaligned.

Accidental Events

If you had backed into your garage door before it was fully open, the chances are that your garage door tracks may have gotten out of alignment. Tracks can also get misaligned if a heavy object strikes the garage door. If your garage door has suffered an accidental impact, your garage door tracks may not be the only component that may require repair.

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Sticky Tracks

Garage door lubricant used on the tracks and rollers may pick up grit and cause sticking. The dried-out garage door lubricant on your rollers and garage door tracks can also cause sticking. In these cases, it is important to clean the tracks and rollers again and lubricate them once more.

Cold Temperatures

A garage door can start sticking in colder temperatures. Lubricants, which may work very well in warm weather, might not be ideal for your garage door when the temperature drops.

Dents and Bumps

A bump or a dent in the tracks can also cause the garage door to malfunction. A mallet or hammer can fix dents and bumps on your garage door tracks. An expert must work to eliminate a bump or dent in your garage door tracks. An excessive or incorrectly applied force can damage the garage door tracks, which may cost you an expensive garage door track replacement.

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Why are we the best fit for you?

ASAP Garage Doors are an experienced team of professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient and quick garage door services in San Antonio. Our garage door specialists possess the correct equipment for the successful and safe alignment of garage door tracks. If misaligned track problems are left unattended, these problems can grow into two or more bends in the tracks. Procrastination in getting repairs done will put you in need of a complete replacement of your garage door tracks. Replacements are costly, which is why our professionals suggest regular upkeep of your garage tracks with the correct lubrication. Moreover, experts also discourage diagnosing garage door issues by yourself as there can be several other problems causing the garage door to malfunction, such as transmitter issues, worn rollers, damaged springs, etc.

If you are looking for reliable garage door track repair services in San Antonio, you should call our experts from ASAP Garage Doors at (210) 851-9887 today! Our professionals have ample experience working with garage door tracks for both residential and commercial garage doors and can make repairs for your property safely and in no time.

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