Garage Rodent Block Seals & Rodent Exclusion

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Garage Rodent Block Seals & Rodent Exclusion Services in San Antonio

Garage Rodent Block Seals & Rodent Exclusion Services in San Antonio

Garage doors are known to attract unwanted pests and rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels. Rats, mice, and squirrels can start an unhealthy infestation in your home. They can damage your belongings and leave unsightly and hazardous droppings in your garage. To keep your garage door safe and keep the contents of your garage free from rodent infestation, you should invest in garage rodent block seals.

What Are Garage Rodent Block Seals?

Garage rodent block seals are rodent repellent seals made of poly fiber or toughened steel wool blend-filled fabric enclosed in a tough industrial rubber exterior. These seals ensure that rodents cannot bite or gnaw through your vinyl garage doors. In addition to providing a barrier against irritating rodents, these seals offer dual benefits of acting as a weather seal against the cold.

Why Should You Invest in Garage Rodent Block Seals?

Trapping and eliminating rodents inside your home can be tiresome if they keep returning again and again. In place of trapping and killing the pests, you should avail ASAP Garage Doors rodent exclusion services. Calling for rodent exclusion services is a more environmentally friendly way of keeping burrowing rodents out of your homes without calling an exterminator.

Our specialists can visit your residential property and seal off your garage door to these unwanted pests with specialized garage rodent block seals. ASAP Garage Doors professionals are friendly and reliable people who can answer all your questions and queries regarding the best kind of garage rodent block seals.

Garage rodent block seals are effective weather-resistant seals as well as they protect your garage door against dirt, rain, and snow. They can withstand extreme temperatures easily and save you money on heating and cooling expenses. These rodent block seals can be installed in residential areas and commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, warehouses, storage facilities, public car parks.

How Are Garage Rodent Block Seals Installed?

Garage rodent block seals are installed by experienced garage door professionals. It might seem easy to install garage rodent block seals yourself, but the correct installation requires expertise and proper experience working with garage doors. Moreover, rodent exclusion services for garages are offered by pest control companies as well. Nevertheless, it is always better to opt for a garage door specialist to ensure no escape routes for the pests remain.

To install garage rodent block seals perfectly for your garage door, our professionals will be sure to follow the procedure below:

Sizing of the Garage Door

Firstly, our professionals will measure the size of your garage door. Different styles and different sizes of garage doors have different requirements for garage rodent block seals. Seals for your garage doors have to fit perfectly so that no room remains for the pests to get in, and your garage door looks appropriately maintained.

Clearing Up Old Garage Seals

It is important to remove the old garage seal first before the installation of a new one. After the proper removal of your garage door seal has been performed, our specialist will measure out the new garage door seal for installation.

Making Needed Repairs Before Installation

If your garage is prone to rodent infestations, your garage door may have already undergone some damage as rodents chew and gnaw at it. Rodent damage to your garage door gives it an unsightly look and can even weaken it. Therefore, our garage door experts will be sure to tend to the damage suffered by rodents first before installing the new seal.

Why Choose to Work with ASAP Garage Doors

With superb customer service being our highest priority, the experts at ASAP Garage Doors will reach your site as soon as possible after your call requesting rodent exclusion services. Our professionals will first perform an analysis of your garage door. If rodents have gnawed away at your garage door excessively, our experts will suggest repairs before the installation of garage rodent block seals. Our team will offer you a complimentary quote with transparent costing for our services and the materials required. After the approval of the garage door repair plan and rodent exclusion services, our professionals will utilize their specialized tools to install garage rodent block seals to your garage door in no time. We can cater to commercial garage doors and residential garage doors needing rodent exclusion and garage rodent block seals.

If you are looking for robust garage rodent block seals & excellent rodent exclusion services at reasonable prices, call ASAP Garage Doors today at (210) 851-9887 for the most professional garage door rodent exclusion services!