Garage Weatherproofing

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Weather is one of the natural forces that can cause damage to garage doors. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, humidity, and even high temperatures can cause numerous issues, including the rupture of door seals. Garage weatherproofing is crucial to minimize the damage that doors sustain during changes in the local climate.

ASAP Garage Doors specializes in providing a wide range of weatherproofing services. Accumulated water or the sun beaming down can result in rust or deformation of the springs, belts, or doors themselves. With a team of professionally trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we take utmost care to deliver high quality in all projects.

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Importance of Shielding Against the Elements

Every owner has witnessed weather changes cause damage to their homes. Sometimes these damages are minor, but in other cases, strong winds or torrential rains can cause major issues. Water is one of the main problems as it can seep through the tiniest cracks. Over time, the moisture from water absorption gives rise to rust, mold, algae, and numerous other issues for the homeowner. It is best to shield against these elements in advance through garage weatherproofing.  

Weather Stripping

Weather seals are fitted around the perimeter and along the bottom of your garage door. The seals are composed of rubber and PVC. They are designed to keep damp and cold air out of your garage, as well as rain and snow, insects, and rodents. Weather seals, like storm shields, aid in lowering heating and cooling expenses, minimizing outside noise, and preventing that annoying windy whistling noise by closing gaps.


Garage weatherproofing is not just to protect against natural factors and the damage they cause, but it also helps insulate the home. Door seals ensure to keep warm air inside and the cold air outside. This process provides energy efficiency as the ventilation system can work with lower powers. As a result, homeowners can notice significant savings on their power bills. ASAP Garage Doors specializes in the installation and repair of garage door seals for residential and commercial properties.


Regular maintenance, just like any other area of your home, will be the key to maintaining your garage in good shape. Wear and tear will ultimately set in over time, and you will see dents, scrapes, and gaps where the weatherproofing has worn off. If the damage is beyond repair, your garage door may have to be replaced totally as a final resort. Frequent upkeep of the garage door can help mitigate extensive damages, costs, and inconvenience.

Consequences of Weather Anomalies

Your garage doors can undergo extreme damage due to the weather. Many areas have occasional flooding or rain which eventually causes materials like wood to absorb water. It may be a slow process but if this is the case with your home, you will soon notice issues. The garage door can start to jam or stop operating. Not only this, but faulty doors can also cause injuries to people living in the house.

How to Weatherproof Garage Doors

There are various ways in which professional garage weatherproofing is done. Installing garage seals or brush strips are two of the most common techniques. Seals can prevent elements like water or heat from damaging the doors and their components. Brush strips, on the other hand, are best at keeping pests or from entering the garage. Both these things are crucial to protect against because the damages they cause can become a nuisance.

Hiring Reliable Garage Weatherproofing Professionals

Finding a trustworthy professional is vital because they ensure value for money. When you install a garage door, you want them to last a long time. Garage weatherproofing is another part of the process which makes sure that the doors can withstand damage for a longer period. ASAP Garage Doors takes pride in employing the best technicians for the job who make sure that every project is completed according to the requirements of each client.

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