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Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services in San Antonio, Texas

ASAP Garage Door Services

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Service Company
in San Antonio, Texas

We provide professional services for all things related to Garage doors and gates in San Antonio, both residential and commercial.

Our range of expertise covers major garage door services, such as the installation of overhead garage doors, residential garage doors, flash garage door services, garage door openers, garage door spring repairs, garage door repairs and maintenance, commercial garage doors, dock levelers, residential and commercial gates and many more.

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Garage Door Services

We are ready to serve your every need when it comes to the installation of garage doors. Our team of highly trained techs is well equipped to handle your every need, the same day. We have a wide selection of garage doors including, steel garage doors, custom wood garage doors, carriage house doors, roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, up and over canopy garage doors, or even retractable garage doors, so whatever your preferences are, be it a beautiful carriage house style that adds uniqueness to your home, an energy-efficient door that reduces the bills or you just need a reliable and safe garage door that is affordable, be rest assured that we can deliver. If you are a resident of San Antonio TX, or live anywhere close by, we've got you covered; providing same-day services in cities around as well.

Garage Door Repairs

We specialize in all kinds of Garage doors related repairs, you name it! Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience. With their vast training, common issues such as garage doors repair, spring repair, garage door opener repair, and cables repairs are easily handled.

We also provide a regular servicing per request, maintenance and safety measures to keep your doors working smoothly all through the year. If you, therefore, need any kind of repairs for your doors, if your garage doors won't close properly or gives a squeaking sound, give us a call, let us help you fix it.

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Garage Door Spring Repairs

Garage door springs offset the weight of a garage door and allow the door to be opened and closed easily, either by hand or by an automatic garage door opener. For garage doors that don't operate properly, it's usually a function of the springs. Most residential garage doors have either one of two springs. There is the torsion spring and the extension spring. The torsion springs are heavy-duty springs, loaded and tensioned with a twisting action while extension springs are long, lighter-weight springs that run perpendicular to the door. The high-tension steel in the spring has a limited lifespan and over time, the springs lose their effectiveness. Replacement of garage door springs takes about a couple of hours, we use top of line springs that are guaranteed for life.

Garage Door Opener

Maximizing your system to get optimum performance is one of the values we offer. Our options for Automatic garage door openers are quiet, powerful and durable, and designed for performance. Our full line of automatic openers installation features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different weights and sizes. We ensure that each opener comes with built-in standard functions for safety, convenience, and power. We also offer suggestions on additional garage door opener accessories.

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Garage Door Opener Repairs

Regardless of the type of garage door opener you are using, there is a need for routine maintenance to keep the opener working in the best condition. There are so many issues that could arise from a faulty garage door opener, some minor while others major. This is why it is important to call a professional who understands the working mechanism of garage door openers and can help repair whatever is faulty. At ASAP, we can handle both minor and major issues ranging from doors that won't open with the remote control or wireless keypad, garage doors that do not close all the way or reverses before hitting the floor.

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Dock Levelers

We also specialize in the procurement and installation of dock levelers. Getting the perfect leveler with the right specifications to perform the very function it was intended for is very important, therefore we ensure that we consider the various options such as the hydraulic dock levelers, manual dock levelers, edge of dock levelers, container dock levelers and several others and select only the best for our clients.

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Commercial Gates and Gate Openers

We give your business properties the necessary value and security it needs by adding driveway gates to your entrance. At ASAP, we offer a variety of commercial gates and installation services to serve you. Wherever you are in San Antonio Texas, if you need quality gates that are safe and aesthetically pleasing, we will be delighted to offer our services. We can customize a gate just for you to create that safe and secure end-product for your business. Our customized, fully automated commercial gates are a great way to improve your overall facility. We provide a wide variety of designs to accommodate different settings, some of which are;


Swing gates: A 90-degree revolving gate is sure to create a grand entrance! We custom-design swing gates to the exact specifications of our clients, providing a grand welcome for guests and an effective barrier against intruders while doing it with style.

Slide gate: In cases of limited vertical space or terrains with slopes, our slide gate options come in handy. It also offers the benefits of not having to be pushed every time a car needs to come in or go out.


Vertical tilt gates: Even with minimal space and settings that won’t allow for any type of gate, the vertical tilt gates are always perfect. They don’t require much space to be opened and closed and are beneficial during winter because they make mobility easier.



Parking Barriers: This is perfect for controlling traffic, it can handle a high volume of traffic and prevent unauthorized access.

Residential Gates and gate openers

We construct an entrance that makes a flawless first impression of your property. Whatever option of residential gate you decide to opt for, be sure it will be reliable, safe and elegant. We install automatic gates that provide convenience and ensures safety and security in keeping your family and possessions safe while keeping unauthorized persons out.

We have an extensive range of gate designs and materials you can choose from including various species of hardwood timber as well as steel and aluminum. We always aim to acquire and install the very best of products with high quality. We ensure that our recommendations fit the requirements of each client. We take into consideration the environment, budget and requirements requested by each client.

We specialize in the installation and repair of swing and sliding gates. Our survey team, with unmatched skills in the business and knowledge of the industry, determine and provide the suitable and appropriate gate system per request. As this is our primary focus, we are able to recommend the best materials for each client.

Swing gates are quite popular and mostly used for residential driveways, ASAP has been installing and repairing this particular gate system for years and so have built quite a good repute. This type of gate has been consistently gaining popularity over the years, perhaps because of its traditional exterior and maneuver, so we are quite conversant with its workings. We also make provisions for electromagnetic locks and other devices such as CCTV and smart cameras to increase security. The control is usually simple enough, through a handheld remote.

Sliding electric gates, this is another option for residential gates are also very much within our scope of services. With its recent rise in demand, we have fully embraced the additional safety, security, and space-saving abilities a sliding gate offers. This particular option is very good for open locations with greater stability and security, generally because of the way they close into a secured channel with greater resistance to force as the gate is held in a track along the entire length of the gate.

The sliding gate is the perfect way out where parking is limited and the driveways are inclined as it takes up less space. Electric sliding gates are suitable alternatives and also only require one motor drive, so they are far easier and less expensive to automate and maintain.

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