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Expert Framing Services

Is the framing of your garage door rotten? Is there structural damage? Are you installing a new garage door? Since most garage doors are made of wood, they tend to get damaged and rot over time. They can also easily get damaged due to impacts. Therefore, frame door damage is unavoidable. For the functionality of your garage door, the garage door frame must be in excellent condition and shape.

At ASAP Garage Door, we ensure that your garage door framing is in good shape so it can facilitate your garage doors. Hiring a professional technician will make a world of difference in the quality of work. Our technicians are experienced in taking all the measurements with 100% accuracy and designing and fitting a garage door frame to ensure your garage door’s proper opening and closing.


If you go on the internet looking for garage door framing solutions, you will find a lot of DIYs. However, your garage door frames should not be left in inexperienced hands. They are difficult to do correctly and only a professional can ensure proper framing services. Get in contact with our technicians to find out why you need experienced hands on this project.


Professional garage door framing contractors are experienced in handling frame repairs and installations. They know the correct procedure for carrying out all garage door services and handling their frames to keep your garage safe.

You can also expect quality work from your technician. They have access to quality resources, tools, skills, and procedures to offer you the best quality repairs. A professional technician will repair your garage door frames more efficiently and quickly than a DIY job.



Professional technicians are very reliable. When you hire them to repair your garage door frames, you can trust them to provide reliable and durable results that will last you a long time. We are licensed and have liability coverage to ensure that everyone is protected and covered in case an accident occurs on the job.


Just because your garage door’s frame is damaged does not mean that the rest of the structure is intact. You could need more repairs than meets the eye. A professional technician will identify all the underlying damages and thoroughly inspect your garage door’s structure to offer high-quality results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to frame a garage?

If minor repairs need to be made to the integrity of the garage’s framing, it could cost about $100, if not less. Replacing the entire framing costs several hundred dollars. 

What are jambs?

This is the structural lining of any doorway. 

How much space should be between the garage door and frame?

It’s generally recommended that about 4″ should be between the garage door and frame.