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Gate Repair


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We specialize in the installation and repair of swing and sliding gates. Our survey team, with unmatched skills in the business and knowledge of the industry, determine and provide the suitable and appropriate gate system per request. As this is our primary focus, we can recommend the best materials for each client. 


Swing gates are quite popular and primarily used for residential driveways. ASAP has been installing and repairing this particular gate system for years and has built quite a good reputation. This type of gate has been consistently gaining popularity over the years, perhaps because of its traditional exterior and maneuver, so we are quite conversant with its workings. We also make provisions for electromagnetic locks and other devices such as CCTV and smart cameras to increase security. The control is usually simple enough through a handheld remote. 


Sliding electric gates are another option for residential gates that are also within our scope of services. With its recent rise in demand, we have fully embraced the additional safety, security, and space-saving abilities a sliding gate offers. This particular option is perfect for open locations with greater stability and security, generally because they close into a secured channel with greater resistance to force as the gate is held in a track along the entire length of the gate.

The sliding gate is the perfect way out where parking is limited, and the driveways are inclined as it takes up less space. Electric sliding gates are suitable alternatives and only require one motor drive, so they are far easier and less expensive to automate and maintain. 


At ASAP Garage Door, we are all about buckling down to find the issue. With our gate repair services, this is no different. We can diagnose any problem and implement a solution that lasts. We use the best parts around to ensure your gate runs as it should. 

Here is a list of types of repairs we commonly do:

  • Remote/clicker programming
  • Gate automation
  • Chain or belt replacements
  • Hinge or wheel replacements
  • Above and in-ground motors
  • Solar-powered gates
  • Community gates
  • And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to repair my gate?

While this is entirely dependent on the diagnosis of the gate trouble, our gate repair services tend to only take 1-3 hours. 

How should I maintain the integrity of my gate?

Our experts recommend regular servicing of your gate to make sure it is working as intended. Aside from this, you can maintain your gate by ensuring it is lubricated, clean, and not under any disturbances from pests.

How long should my gate's motor battery last?

About 2-3 years. If you use your gate frequently, however, this may reduce that lifespan.