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Garage Door Types

Garage Door Types


A Variety of Garage Door Types

What do you first notice when you pass a home? Is it the roof, the windows, or the front door? Chances are, it is none of these. The garage door is one of the most significant parts of your home, whether it’s attached to your home or not. Create a lasting impression by choosing a phenomenal garage door.  

ASAP Garage Door can install a plethora of garage door types. Wooden, steel, overhead, sectional, or automatic are a handful of the garage doors we can install. 


The most important thing you can do when choosing a garage door is ensure the garage door you choose complements your home and the surrounding neighborhood. If you live in a modern home with sleek, straight lines, you would likely consider a modern door, such as steel. If you live in a traditional family home, you would likely consider a sectional garage door or even a wooden one for some additional character. Whatever you choose, ASAP Garage Door can help!


Out of all the garage door types, sectional garage doors reign supreme in popularity. This is mainly because the cost is less than compared to other garage door types, such as side to the side garage doors. It’s very important to choose a garage door that won’t be a hassle for you and won’t take up much of your garage space once it’s installed. ASAP Garage Door can walk you through this process in a consultation and aid you in making the best possible decision. 



Your garage door may perform only one function, but that does not discount the heavy lifting it has to do daily. Most homeowners use their garage door 3-5 times a day. It adds up fast when you think about how many times that is in a year. Maintenance of the parts of your garage door is crucial. ASAP Garage Door is specially trained to fix any issues that arise or perform simple check-ups to ensure your garage door is working.

Depending on the style of garage door you choose, more upkeep is necessary. A wooden garage door, for example, may require additional maintenance such as refinishing or specific cleaning methods. On the other hand, steel requires less maintenance but needs to be checked for rust from time to time, especially if you live in a wet climate. Our professionals at ASAP Garage Door will inform you of every potential housekeeping measure you might have to take based on the garage door type you choose.  


The sheer surface area of a garage door alone is something to keep in mind when you think about the potential for storm damage to your home. One of the main forms of weather that often batters garage doors is wind. When you choose your garage door, keep in mind the climate you live in and plan accordingly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of garage door is the most durable?

Steel. Steel remains one of the most popular due to its durability, style, and price tag. 

Do insulated garage doors really matter in the long-run?

Absolutely! Insulation provides regulation of temperature in your garage, which is highly beneficial to those who often work in their garage. An insulated garage door can also affect your home’s energy efficiency. Insulated garage doors also lower utility bills. 

What types of garage doors are the most common?

Sectional and carriage garage doors are some of the most popular types homeowners choose.  

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