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A typical garage door opens and closes more than 2000 times every year to accommodate your vehicles. The frequency is even more than that if you have a big family. Just like any other machine in your house, frequent usage results in the wear and tear of your garage door.
From broken springs and tracks to damaged opening mechanisms and overall system failure, you will face quite a few problems with your garage door every now and then. What’s more is that these problems will leave you worried about what your next course of action should be.
If there’s a problem, you should immediately reach out to garage door experts to identify the problem and determine if it can be repaired. At ASAP Garage Doors, we offer prompt garage door repair services at your doorstep. Our team realizes how much of a safety thread a broken garage door is.
Therefore, we arrive at your doorstep right away to utilize our years of experience and fix your garage doors in no time. You can trust us with your misaligned rails, faulty sensors, broken tension springs, or malfunctioning remote transmitters. Just let us know, and we will be there!

Common Garage Door Repairs that We Can Handle

From annoying noises to garage doors that open or close very slowly, our customers come to us with various problems. But don’t worry. Our team knows the causes behind all of them and will do exactly what’s needed to fix your garage doors. We specialize in all kinds of garage door repairs, including:

Broken Garage Springs

Since garage door repairs are expensive, many people prefer fixing them on their own. But what a DIY guide would not tell you is that garage door repairs are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries. So instead of handling something that you aren’t familiar with and risking an injury, you should hire garage door repair services that can fix your broken springs at justified costs.
At ASAP Garage Doors, our team can handle all sorts of extension and torsion garage door springs. We are familiar with all spring mechanisms and will do the needful to ensure a quick resolution.

Broken Garage Door Openers

Does your garage door stop in the middle and start closing back for no reason? Or does your garage door not open at all? All of these are signs that your garage door opener is damaged. It can be for various reasons, including misadjusted safety sensors, faulty motor, wiring, and other problems.
But if you have the right garage door repair technician by your side, you don’t have to worry about finding out what causes the problem. With vast on-field experience, our garage door repair technicians can immediately find the root cause and fix it while meeting your budget. Your garage door will be opening and closing perfectly in no time!

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Broken or Bent Garage Rails

Bent or broken garage rails can stop your garage door from closing or opening entirely. If you do not get it fixed ASAP, you never know when the garage door may come falling down on you, your family, or your property and cause serious damage or injury.
When you call out technicians, they will conduct a complete assessment of your garage rails to determine if they can be fixed. If not, they will require a track replacement that our team will take care of immediately.
You should never leave your broken garage doors be, because this can be quite dangerous. Call your nearest garage door repair services right away.

Why Choose ASAP Garage Door Repair Services?

At ASAP Garage Doors, we understand how overwhelming a faulty garage door can be, especially when you are worried about costly repairs. And that’s exactly why you will find our prices extremely competitive and transparent. You can expect prompt and high-quality garage door repair services at justified prices. You will also be surprised to see the focus we pay on customer care.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Regardless of the type of garage door opener you are using, there is a need for routine maintenance to keep the opener working in the best condition. There are so many issues that could arise from a faulty garage door opener, some minor while others major. This is why it is important to call a professional who understands the working mechanism of garage door openers and can help repair whatever is faulty. At ASAP, we can handle both minor and major issues ranging from doors that won't open with the remote control or wireless keypad, garage doors that do not close all the way or reverses before hitting the floor.

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ASAP Garage Doors is a professional residential and commercial garage door company operating in San Antonio. We offer all San Antonio residents incredibly reliable and exceptional garage door repair services. Reach out to us at (210) 851-9887 to bring the best garage door services to your doorstep. No matter what the damage is, don’t let it overwhelm you. We promise you quick repairs at competitive prices. So call us right away to prevent further damage to your garage doors or your property.

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