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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance


How Often Do You Use Your Garage Door?

If your answer is several times in one day, you may be required to schedule garage door maintenance services at least once a year. Each time you open and close the garage door, you complete one garage door cycle. A typical garage door requires maintenance after a maximum of approximately 3,000 cycles. These cycles may be completed within a few months or at least within 1 year, depending on your usage.

If it has been over a year since you scheduled maintenance services with garage door specialists, it’s safe to assume that you should do that right away. ASAP Garage Door has been helping customers keep their garage doors’ integrity intact for many years. We are your proud partners in Texas, ensuring you save more money in the long run.


Garage door maintenance is one of the most cost-efficient and budget-friendly ways to avoid costly garage door repairs or replacements. Like any other property element, your garage door will have an extended lifespan, enhanced durability, and efficient functionality only if it’s properly maintained and looked after. If you don’t schedule garage door maintenance services, you risk leaving hidden damages unattended. Such damages can burn a hole in your pocket.

In addition to cost-saving, there are many other benefits of our garage door services. Let’s take a look at what they are.


It goes without saying that an inefficient garage door system is a threat to you and your family or employees. Incapable garage doors make it easier for intruders to break into your property. However, with adequate garage door maintenance, you can ensure that all your garage door elements are working at their best capacity, thus making it difficult for intruders and thieves to get access to your property.

Additionally, if your garage door’s sensors, springs, or openers are presenting minor issues, garage door specialists will spot them promptly and help you avoid future mishaps. As one of the heaviest property elements, your garage door can present life-threatening issues. It’s best not to avoid garage door maintenance and schedule an appointment now!



Believe it or not, a well-maintained garage door can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal and value. As an exterior object, your garage door is one of the first few things a passerby or visitor will notice. With a minor maintenance service, you can enjoy significantly higher ROIs and increased market value. The more effort you put into your property, the better you will look as a property owner. Don’t give others the idea that your property is not taken care of. Schedule our maintenance services now and watch the compliments flood in.


What would happen if your garage door suddenly stopped working? This can present a plethora of problems for those who use the garage door as your main entry and exit. Luckily, with professional garage door maintenance, you can avoid such troublesome situations.

There are many reasons for a garage door to suddenly present problems. Springs could be loose or malfunctioning, sensors could be randomly not working, and, if not properly maintained, your garage door opener could stop working altogether. All of these problems sound like a headache any property owner would like to avoid. So, if convenience is your primary motive, our garage door maintenance services will provide you with exactly that–and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I lubricate my garage door?

Once-a-year lubrication of your garage door’s pulleys and rollers will ensure it moves without issue.

How often should I get my garage door maintenance?

Generally speaking, it is smart to get your garage door checked up on by specialists at least twice a year. If you cannot manage that, once a year is suitable. 

Does my roller door need to be lubricated?

Yes. Roller doors should be lubricated every 3 to 6 months for optimal performance.