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What comes to mind when you hear the word “rustic”? Do you think of old paintings of the idyllic countryside? Does “rustic” evoke the image of farm animals? Is the thought of something rustic one that brings you comfort and joy? If any of these describe you, then you’ll be happy to learn that you can bring that rustic aesthetic to your home in the form of your garage door. Learn what you can gain from installing a rustic garage door and the three types of rustic garage doors in this blog. 


3 Benefits Of Rustic Garage Doors 

You shouldn’t hesitate at the idea of installing a rustic garage door. Rustic garage doors can bring plenty of benefits to your home. Three of the benefits of these garage doors are as follows: 


1. Increased Curb Appeal And Value 

Giving your garage door a rustic makeover can bring a much-needed boost to your home’s curb appeal, which will, in turn, increase its value. Rustic garage doors can make any home more impressive and unique, allowing it to stand out in a neighborhood full of traditional or modern garage doors. The higher value of your rustic garage door will also allow you to earn more when the time comes to put your house on the market. 

2. They Are Customizable 

Rustic garage doors can actually be customizable. You can go for a unique design that evokes a rustic aesthetic or get creative with color choices. Window inserts are also worth considering to give your garage door that extra flair. 

3. They Can Be Automatic

Because rustic garage doors tend to be reminiscent of the past, it’s easy to assume that all rustic garage doors are strictly manually operated. In reality, you can have a rustic garage door that’s also automatic, especially if you’re giving an overhead or sectional garage door a rustic look. Even old-fashioned styles can still be equipped with the latest technology. 


3 Types Of Rustic Garage Doors

Now that you know about three of the major benefits rustic garage doors offer, it’s time to explore three garage door styles that can help bring that rustic appearance to your home. 

rustic garage doors types

1. Carriage Style

Regarding styles that make for rustic garage doors, the carriage style is a very popular choice. This garage door style is inspired by the carriage houses where carriage horses were kept. This style is very customizable and can provide lots of additional space. These doors can also be made of materials other than wood, allowing you to have a garage door that is also fairly low maintenance. 

2. Farmhouse Style

By nature of its name alone, farmhouse style is another kind of rustic garage door. They often are made to resemble barn doors with the classic X or upside-down V shape bars. The panels of these doors are often made of wood, metal, or a combination of both materials. This style also matches exterior garage lights well if you want to lean into the old-world aesthetic. 

3. Craftsman Style

Finally, craftsman style is also worth considering if rustic garage doors are to your liking. These doors can be made from a variety of materials and not just wood while still having that wood-like appearance. The hardware is characteristic of a vintage, artisan variety. Straight lines, solid colors, square or rectangular window inserts, and an overall clean finish are also hallmark features of this garage door style. The sleekness that complements this style allows these doors to complement almost any kind of home. 


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Now that you know about rustic garage doors, you can take time to consider if they are the way you want to go for your garage door. If you need a reliable, responsive, and thorough garage door service to bring this style to your garage door, ASAP Garage Doors is exactly what you need. Contact us today for the best garage door service in all of San Antonio!