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A garage door is probably the last place you think of when considering where to install windows. However, garage door windows are fairly popular for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Practically speaking, garage door windows provide a natural light source, which can help reduce energy costs.

Aesthetically, an amazing garage door window design can boost your home’s curb appeal. But how do you know which garage door window designs are the best options for your home? Today we will answer that question for you by showing you four fascinating garage door window designs that will absolutely increase the value of your home.  

Traditional Square 

One of the most common garage door window designs is the traditional square shape window insert. These will sometimes appear as four squares divided into quarters of a rectangular window insert. They don’t always appear cut into fourths, though, and can also appear as a series of squares within a rectangular window insert or even just a single window insert. They have a classic garage door window design and work well with any garage door and home. This traditional design is also found under the names of Stockton or Panel among suppliers. 


When it comes to natural light in your garage, do you want to feel like the sun is rising or setting? You can do that with another one of the most popular garage door window designs, a sunray design. The sunray garage door window insert design forms an arch that is split into strands that resemble sunrays. This design will either take up the entire upper front panel of your garage door or consist of different individual sunray panels across the top of the garage door panel. Some suppliers will also refer to this design as sunrise, so make sure to look out for both sunray and sunrise garage door window designs if you want to bring the rising or setting sun into your garage. 

garage door window designs sunray


Do you wish to incorporate the grand aesthetic of Notre Dame into your home? One way you can do so without going over the top is by looking at the next of many garage door window designs growing in popularity: the cathedral window insert design. This insert takes the shape of half an oval or circle, with small squares, so it resembles the profile of a cathedral. The cathedral garage door window design, while simplistic, still adds a level of class and sophistication to your garage door and, by extension, the rest of your property. 


Finally, another one of the most classic garage door window designs you are likely to find in real life is the cascade window insert design. The cascade design is best described as arch-shaped like the cathedral design but sliced into individual pieces. In other words, the cascade window insert designs combine the best qualities of the cathedral and traditional window insert designs. If you want the natural light coming into your garage to feel like it’s entering in individual rays, and enjoy the grand look of the cathedral design, then cascade window insert designs might be for you. 

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We hope you enjoyed learning about just four out of the many incredible garage door window designs available. As you continue to find the best design for your garage door windows, think about what style will best complement your home exterior, the material you would like for your inserts, and whether or not installing them is plausible with your current budget. If you need assistance with garage door window designs or any other issues with your garage door, contact us today ASAP Garage Doors for the best garage door service in San Antonio!