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When it comes to your home, you would likely do anything to care for it and protect yourself. You take time to make your home look beautiful by cleaning and decorating, ensuring your comfort. You also likely work hard to add security measures around your property to keep you, your family, and your home safe and sound. Security systems and strong locks are common tools to keep burglars away. 

But one of the best security measures is a gate. Gates keep unwanted individuals off your property and enhance privacy. Unfortunately, they will require a certain amount of maintenance. While this might seem like one extra thing to add to your to-do list on top of cleaning, decorating, and taking care of many other things around your home, this is an important part of caring for your home and keeping it running smoothly. Here are five gate maintenance tips to help you: 

1. Clean Often

Often, people do not realize how many areas of their homes need cleaning. It’s easy to remember to clean toilets, dusty cabinetry, and dirty floors. You are around these elements every day, so you can see the visible buildup of filth. It’s not the same with outdoor elements. You’re usually not close enough to see how dirty something truly is, especially if you have an automatic gate that you can open and close without getting anywhere it. But just like the inside of your home, your gate needs to be cleaned regularly

Cleaning your gate is simple, and it shouldn’t take long. Usually, all you need to do is give it a good spray with your hose. Occasionally, you should also add a fresh coat of wax after cleaning. 

2. Lubricate Moving Parts

Both non-automatic gates and some automatic gates benefit from lubrication. Wheels, hinges, and chains can sometimes become stiff, causing the functionality of your gate to fail. A little lubrication every now and then will solve this problem. Not every gate needs lubrication. If you have a high-quality automatic gate with sealed parts, then you shouldn’t need to worry about this maintenance step. However, you should always check your user’s manual to see what the manufacturer suggests for gate maintenance. 

A gate in need of gate maintenance

3. Catch Problems With Your Electrical Components Early

If you have an automatic gate, then you have a circuit board outside that contains important electronic components. Without these electronic components, your gate would not be able to open and close properly. It is important to keep your eye on the circuit board. Because it is outside, it is exposed to Mother Nature around the clock. Moisture and small pests like spiders, slugs, and insects can wreak havoc on electronics. So make sure you get outside and inspect your circuit board every so often. If it starts to look rough or you notice any small glitches, call an expert right away. Electricity is dangerous, and you should never attempt to work with it on your own unless you are a licensed professional. 

4. Hire a Professional For Annual Maintenance

It is great to take responsibility for your gate throughout the year by implementing the steps listed above. However, that does not mean you can do everything on your own. You should always enlist a professional’s help whenever possible. Annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs from a professional will extend your gate’s lifespan. 

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