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It gets extremely inconvenient when something major in your house breaks down. Whether it is your roof, your HVAC system, your fridge, or your garage door, house repairs can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

However, if you take care of all the components in your house and maintain them regularly, you can ensure that you aren’t paying more than needed for repairs or replacements.

In this blog post, we will tell you how to extend your garage door’s lifespan by maintaining it regularly. So if you are one of those thousands of homeowners who often find themselves calling a garage door company for repairs, replacements, and installations, you won’t have to anymore!

Learn how you can extend your garage door’s lifespan by taking these preventative measures suggested by expert technicians at ASAP Garage Doors:

Tips on How to Extend Your Garage Door’s Lifespan

1. Know Your Garage Door

It goes without saying, but you can never take care of something that you aren’t familiar with. The same goes for your garage doors. Make sure you check the manual of your garage door from the manufacturer to learn specific information about it, like when to get it to expect, what issues you should look out for, how to troubleshoot common problems, and how often you should maintain it.

Reading it once will help you familiarize yourself with the specifics of your garage door so you can take care of it in the best way possible.

2. Regular Maintenance

Do you often get your cars, your electronics, and your HVAC system inspected once or twice a year? You may not realize it, but your garage doors also need regular maintenance. Garages are an important section of your house that often go overlooked.

But in order to minimize the risk of major problems and even injuries, you should schedule annual or biannual maintenance and inspections by a professional garage door technician. Regular inspections will ensure that any underlying issues are identified and resolved timely.

3. Lubricate the Moving Parts of Your Garage Door

Your garage door has a lot of moving components that ensure proper closing and opening of your garage door. For instance, the tension springs are responsible for lifting the heavyweight of the door. Proper and timely lubrication would ensure that your garage doors do not break.

4. Inspect and Wipe Your Tracks

The tracks in your garage door often collect dirt over time and can affect the performance of your door’s rollers. If not wiped clean timely, they can cause derailing. So you should get your tracks inspected at least once a year and have them cleaned with a damp cloth to ensure smooth operation.

But if it’s too late and your rollers are already stuck due to dirt buildup, you should call a professional!

Call a Garage Door Company if You Suspect Something Isn’t Right

Now that you know how to extend your garage door’s lifespan make sure you follow these tips!

Instead of following an online DIY guide or calling your local handyman to inspect your garage door, you should call for professional help to protect against any major issues or even injuries. So if you are having issues with your garage door, call a professional and have them inspect your garage door so they can offer a solid fix.

At ASAP Garage Doors, our mission is to offer San Antonio residents exceptional garage door services. From minor inspections, maintenance, repairs, or installations, you can trust our experienced, certified, and professional technicians to handle all your garage doors. We offer prompt and professional service to keep things running smoothly with your garage doors.

Reach out to us at (210) 851-9887 to bring the best garage door services to your doorstep.

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