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Garage doors are the most used part of your house that can often face problems. However, note that every garage door problem requires you to replace your garage doors. Some can also be addressed by repairs from professional garage door experts. At ASAP Garage Doors, we can take care of all your garage door problems and fix them immediately!

Here are the most common garage door problems that we come across on a daily basis:



Common Garage Door Problems

1. Remote Stops Working

We mostly use our garage door remotes to open or close the garage doors. This can be a sign that your garage door is not working. But to be sure, you should check if your garage door is working by inspecting the wall switch before coming to a conclusion. The issue might be with the batteries of your garage door remote, or you may even need a new remote.

2. Wall Switch Stops Working

If the wall switch of your garage is not working, you may get overwhelmed, thinking that it is a costly problem. However, the issue might be electrical that can be fixed by a professional garage door professional. Whether it’s a wiring issue or you need a new wall switch, call a professional to take a look and diagnose the problem.

3. Garage Door Opens or Closes Suddenly

If your garage door starts opening or closing suddenly, there might be a problem with your garage door’s sensors. Garage door sensors are a critical part of your garage. If your garage door sensors are faulty, there is a high safety risk. You should immediately get a garage door technician to inspect your garage door sensors and repair them promptly to prevent break-ins.

4. Garage Door Opens Only Partially

If your garage door only opens halfway up, the issue might be with the door rollers. Whether they need readjustment or they have completely failed, you will need a garage door technician to inspect and identify the problem. There are many moving parts in your garage door that may be causing the problem. But these problems can often be resolved by a professional using simple tools.

But don’t worry! The most common garage door problems are not to be worried about. You don’t necessarily need to replace your garage doors and install a new one. These problems can often be resolved by a qualified professional.

Call a Garage Door Company for Garage Door Repairs

Now that you know the most common garage door problems make sure you look out for these problems. And don’t try to Google a fix and try to repair these problems on your own because you can end up causing more damage.

Additionally, faulty garage doors can also cause injuries, as you never know when the garage door may come closing down on you. You will end up paying more money. So if you suspect a problem with your garage door, call a professional and have them take a look.

At ASAP Garage Doors, our mission is to offer San Antonio residents exceptional garage door services. You can call our technicians any time, and they will come to your doorstep right away. From minor inspections, maintenance, repairs, or installations, you can trust our experienced, certified, and professional technicians to handle all your garage doors.

We can handle all kinds of garage door issues and offer regular maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your garage doors. For all kinds of residential and commercial garage door repairs, call us at (210) 851-9887 to bring the best garage door services to your doorstep.

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