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A new year often means getting rid of the old and making way for the new. Perhaps you are thinking of starting 2023 by cleaning out your garage. While you will find many step-by-step guides online for how to clean your garage, you might be more concerned about planning a garage cleanout. After all, there is no worse feeling than having everything cleared out everything without knowing where to store things in the meantime, which part to start cleaning, or how you want to use the space afterward. Before you start excavating the items in your garage, take some time to read through this blog and learn how to make a plan for your 2023 garage cleanout. 

Where Do You Want To Store Things During Your Garage Cleanout? 

Before you begin your garage cleanout, think about where you want the things that usually live in your garage to go in the meantime. Is there room in your attic or basement? Do you have a friend, neighbor, or relative with space to hold onto some of those things? Is there anything that you already know can be thrown out or given away to reduce how much you need to store? As long as you make a plan for where to store items kept in your garage during your cleanout, you won’t have to worry about what to do with them in the meantime. 

Where Do You Want To Start Cleaning?  

Your garage is cleared out and ready for a deep clean, but you don’t know where to start. Do you start with the floor? What about the garage door? That is why you should plan the order of which parts of the whole garage you will clean. The first part of the garage you will want to deep clean is the garage door. Starting with the garage door is also an excellent way to get some maintenance done too, as regular garage door upkeep prevents rust, so you will already hit two birds with one stone. Where garage floors are concerned, save that part of cleaning for the end to avoid having to repeatedly clean it up after every other part of the deep clean. 

How Do You Want to Use Each Part Of Your Garage? 

After you have deep cleaned your garage, you might be thinking, “Awesome. Now I can move my things back in!” Before you start with that step, think about how you want to use each part of your garage space. Do you want to designate certain areas for specific storage items? Do you want to install overhead racks for bicycles and scooters? Are there cabinets in your garage that have only been stuffed with random items that you might now want to designate for a more specific purpose? Evaluate what you usually keep in your garage door and think about how to start organizing those items in a more systematic manner. You can find plenty of DIY organizing ideas online or consult a professional for how you can optimize your garage space in the new year. 

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We Are Here To Help!

Hopefully, these three questions will help make your garage cleanout much more manageable and far less stressful. Once you have thoroughly answered the above questions, you should be ready to finally begin with the first step of cleaning out your garage. If you still feel a little overwhelmed or are still unsure about your ability to successfully deep clean your garage interior, we at ASAP Garage Doors are here to help. Contact us today, so we can help you clean out and reorganize your garage for 2023 and beyond.